Being WormWise

As a WormWise owner, you’ll know that it’s important to worm your pet. Even if your cat or dog looks healthy, worms can be living inside them without you knowing.

Cats and dogs can pick up worm eggs in the garden or park, by scavenging or hunting, or eating raw meat or animal faeces. If left untreated, these worms can pose a health risk, not just to the pet in question, but to other animals and humans too.

WormWise is here to help raise the awareness of pet owners to the need for worming your pet on a regular basis (min 4 times a year) with a vet strength wormer. When you visit your vet practice’s worming clinic your vet will provide a tailored worming plan for your pet and you.

Three steps

Find out how often you should be worming.

What type of wormer?

Wormers come in various forms - ask your vet for advice about products that could make worming your pet easier and more enjoyable.